Who we are

Leading Property Group (LPG) is specialized in hospitality-related real estate, travel and tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

LPG seeks to identify opportunities in companies within Latin America and the Caribbean that have developed unique market insights and have been overlooked by major institutional players.

The Team

Benny Guevara

Mr. Guevara has served as CEO, COO and head of operations at several large regional hotel and resort companies in the Caribbean over the three decades of his career. He has been instrumental as a consultant and developer in hotel and master planned community development, M&A activities, marketing, and product conceptualization in the Caribbean and Mexico for decades.

David Velazquez

Mr. Velazquez a U.S. C.P.A. and a KPMG veteran, has over 25 years of experience in finance and development, with a focus on the hospitality industry, and has participated actively in the development and financing of major hotel, residential and commercial projects successfully at all stages of the business cycle and in markets considered by many to be illiquid and challenging.

George Spence

Mr. Spence has decades of experience in international and regional capital markets, M&A and project development. He has served as CEO, CFO and Senior Development Officer of various hospitality and real estate companies, and is an active participant in the Caribbean and Latin America assisting companies and lenders in the hotel, tourism, real estate and financial sectors, focused on complex workout restructurings, development, financing, sales, divestitures and mergers.

Rodolfo Guillioli

Former Vice President of Development in Latin America and the Caribbean at Marriott International, Mr. Guillioli has led and participated in numerous transactions while there and during his tenure as Corporate Director of Development Strategy at the Poma Group, while Vice President at Coral by Hilton Resorts, and at McKinsey and Company.

Dione Lee

Ms. Lee provides critical transactional and analytical services on behalf of clients for Leading Property Group. She served for five years as International Financing Manager at Cap Cana, the largest master planned community and tourism development in the Caribbean, with prior experience in the World Bank. Ms. Lee hones her analytical skills in hotel real estate investment and asset management courses offered by Cornell University and by HVS International.