What we do


Assist clients in identifying appropriate and desirable assets for purchase

Work with or represent clients in acquisition processes on due diligence, business plans, financing, negotiation and closing of transactions

Help clients put together a team of operating companies, independent engineers, contractors, appraisers, accountants and tax advisers with the strongest talents for the location and specific relevant experience

Work with or represent clients in acquisition processes on due diligence, business plans and financial modeling, negotiation and closing of transactions

Assist in identifying and brining in additional equity participants if necessary

Source and negotiate debt financing

Divestitures and Sales:

Help clients organize and prepare due diligence materials and data rooms for the use of interested parties

Work with clients to prepare historical and forecasted financial information and business valuation scenarios

Carry out sales process to target, identify and bring in qualified potential buyers

Assist and in some cases, represent clients through the sales process with potential buyers including initial site visits, information exchanges, structuring deals, negotiations, and closing

Whom do we work for in acquisitions, divestitures and sales?

Owners of existing properties, whether they be multiple or single properties or entire multi-property companies

Institutional investors, funds, or creditors that either hold one or more properties in the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America region and wish to exit, or wish to enter or grow in the region through carefully targeted opportunities

Family owned or closely held property owners needing to sell for generational or other reasons

Creditor banks needing to dispose of assets

Advisory Services for Strategic Growth Assistance

Leading’s clients are business owners with companies that are growing yet need outside expertise to reach the next level as well as owners of existing businesses or properties that need to inject new dynamism into their entities.

The LPG team can help these clients reach optimal results from their assets with its ability to:

Assess the existing situation of the company
Evaluate its assets, market position and revenue streams
Quantify and characterize its funding sources
Develop and articulate a solid business plan
Assist owners and managers with implementation
Think outside of the box to bring in new alliances with unique capabilities to improve client’s results

Debt and Equity Financing

LPG works for business owners and developers that require equity and / or debt financing by:

Evaluating the existing funding sources for the client
Analyzing its asset values, market position and revenue streams
Building a comprehensive financial model and test various solutions and their effect on shareholder value
Developing and articulate with owners a solid business plan
Preparing an information package for potential providers
Going out to the market and seek the most competitive financing sources, terms and conditions
Representing ownership in negotiations and execution


Leading Property Group’s activities in development include:

Help clients, who already own a site, devise the appropriate strategy to develop their property
For clients who do not presently own their site, Leading Property Group provides assistance to seek out and acquire the most advantageous location
Create and refine thorough development plans
Bring together a development team combining the strongest talents for the specific context
Formulate rigorous financial models
Obtain debt and / or equity financing
Oversee project execution for key stakeholders
Provide management review and expertise

Whom do we work for in the development sphere?

Land owners seeking to put their land assets to work
Investors interested in developing real estate
Hotel and resort companies seeking appropriate local or regional developers for their brands
Funds, banks or other institutional owners of property


The team at Leading Property Group works with clients who are

Property owners who feel that their assets are underperforming
Hospitality chains desiring to refocus a product to a more profitable niche within today's marketplace, or seeking to help owners improve the product Lenders who need to have a hotel or property perform better in order to repay loans
Hospitality chains needing a third party to assist a property owner in understanding and undertaking needed property improvements

Leading’s activities related to repositioning include

Analyze the existing product or property within its market
Explore broad options for best and highest use
Involve new stakeholders and team members who bring needed strengths to the table
Create the new re-positioning plan
Test the plans with financial modeling
Obtain debt and / or equity financing
Oversee project execution for key stakeholders
Provide management review and expertise
Maximize revenue generation